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Sarac, a young student magician is beaten and cast aside when Alena, a priestess he loves is captured and carried off to sea by marauders who torch his village in search of the Crystal of Fire.


Sarac resolves to rescue Alena, though doesn’t realize that his urgent quest is part of a greater purpose; the Crystal of Fire is one of four Crystals of Power ancient Wizards created to prevent the terrible planetary upheaval their world suffers every one thousand years. Sarac must find the Crystals of Power and unite them before the Fall Equinox when the red planet Nibiru comes into alignment with their planet or all will be lost.


Naga, an evil sorcerer, who led his soldiers in search of the Crystal of Fire, seeks the Crystals of Power as well for a different purpose, to enslave all mankind and gain dominion over their world regardless of the devastation it will cause.


With the help of Joran, a wizard of immense power, Sarac faces increasing threats from the approaching cataclysm which is starting to rain destruction on their planet, and from Naga who is determined to retrieve the Crystals of Power at all costs. The urgency of their quest increases when Sarac learns that Naga is torturing Alena to get her to reveal the location of the remaining Crystals of Power. As the Fall Equinox approaches, Sarac struggles to unravel an ancient prophecy, defeat Naga, rescue Alena, and ultimately save their world from violent destruction.

The Story

Cast of major characters


Sarac's beloved. She is studying to be a Keeper of the Flame in the Temple of Fire. Alena is very lonely at the Temple of Fire and finds a friend and confidante in Sarac.


Is in love with Alena. He is studying to be a wizard at the Temple of Inscriptions in the Land of the Golden Sun. Sarac hopes to become a great wizard one day.


Ruler of Karadesh and Sarac's arch-enemy. Naga wants the four crystals of power to enslave the Southern Lands and command the power of nature to open the Dark Rift.


Naga's pet. Given to Naga by Queen Nefiti of Zamargad.

Deliah has iron hard scales that are impervious to the heat of molten lava. I wouldn't get too close to the edge of the lava lake where Deliah lives. She thinks humans are tasty!


Wizard of the order Vinyut. Protecter of knowledge at the Tower of Truth and Sarac's mentor. Joran has been known to wax allegorically.


Borack's younger brother. Samson used to be an esteemed knight of the Order of the Golden Sun, though got kicked out for disobeying an order he didn't agree with from his commander. Samson has been known to have a quick temper.


Samson's older brother. Borack is very spiritual and loyal to a fault.

The High Priestess

She is the leader of the Sisters of Flame at the Temple of Inscriptions in the Land of the Golden Sun. She was born at the Temple and considers the Sisters her family. She is very compassionate, though at times can be aloof.